Dungeon Survival App Reviews

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Fun game

Very enjoyable game many ways you can win or lose and ways to set up your team



Real fun

Let me tell you for 99 cents this is a steal. Combat is fun and requires good thought, equipment system is straight to the point and simple, profession is slow but rewarding. Only things I could really downplay is the selection of heroes you have and inventory given without having to spend more money. Otherwise must have!

Really fun

Had no idea what it was going in but it’s a fun little game especially if you like rpg’s



Love it

Keep on updating with more contents. Only problem i have is there is a bug preventing me from sharing on Facebook. Says “sharing failed. Try again later.” No matter how many times, how many days I tried, it keeps on saying the same.” Please fix. Using iPad Air 1 with latest iOS update. Lost a lot of opportunity to get gems 💎

Good game

Doesn’t let me buy stuff in the shop.

很不错的地牢游戏 适合打发时间也适合动脑子

很不错的地牢游戏 适合打发时间也适合动脑子

So far so good


Great offline fun!

A wonder little game to take on a trip or play before bed. The adventures are pretty quick and varied. All in all, one of the better iOS games I’ve played.

Good games

But so sad that I can’t move save daw from my iPad to my phone :(

Not bad

Like others




Fun and balanced, rpg with a little grind but not too much

Darkest Dungeon for Mobile?!

Yeah. If you have Darkest Dungeon on the PC or Nintendo Switch, then don’t bother buying this game. It’s the same exact game. If it wasn’t for that, I would give it a higher score.

Fun idle rpg with a little story

It’s challenging but peppered with enough rewards to make every 5 to 15 minutes of playtime worthwhile. A dark and kind of cool story is slowly revealed through notes and logs found in the dungeons.

so so

so so

Good game

No action from game masters about in game purchases problem

Great game

Total darkest dungeon clone but still a blast


Gg but, i cant purchase in game gems “could not be completed”

So far so good... but

I like the game so far but there are a couple things that I think should be added for example when you use your heal ability on priest or paladin you can’t choose who to heal which can be pretty vital at times and there are couple other things that don’t matter as much so I won’t complain about it and make this review way to long but yeah good game so far.(:

Nice game

It’s best game


A masterpiece!

Great game

Game reminds me of darkest dungeon

A great mobile clone of DD.

If DD was on iPhone there would be no need for this game but it’s not so to get your DD fix this will do just fine.

Great game

Love it !

Darkest dungeon but a bit less

May lack some of DD harshness and quality but it by no means make the game poor. It’s definitely still one of the only of it’s kind and and it does it really really well.

Awesome game

Love the similarities and kinda better execution.



Excellent game

Though there is no narration, like on Darkest Dungeon, the game is really fun. Definitely an enjoyable game, worth getting.

I love it

Easy to get started, pretty good replay value and deep game mechanics

Worth 99 cents

As others have said, if you like DD, you like this game. More classes and healing, so far, seems worth it more than DD. So if you like Darkest Dungeon - worth it. If you didn’t .. you won’t. If you never played Darkest Dungeons totally worth the try.

It’s fun so far

I am having fun so far I will update my review based on what I feel after I played enough to give a judgement.

Great game

Really fun. Worth at least giving the game a try


good game

Two thumbs up

Best 99 cents I've ever spent. Keep up the good work.I hope you Don't Stop and you guys keep adding more content.

Shahs ha








Wish it were more of a knock off

This game is indeed darkest dungeon light. But too late and with a different structure. I do like the great auto save that leaves you right where you left off but it got boring fast.

A faithful port of Darkest Dungeon

This is a well done ios version of Darkest Dungeon. The problem I have is that its possible to get stuck in an impossible situation. Recruiting costs money, unlike in DD. So, if you don't have enough people and don’t have enough money, you can’t enter the dungeons to make money. So... is it game over? If theres a way out of this I don’t know what it is.

Pretty fun

So far it’s what I was looking for. I stumbled across it looking for Darkest Dungeon and found a similar game for $.99. You can buy items but so far it seems doable without that.


The game is worth the play





It's a fun game.

Gimme the chest

Thus far so good

So far so good. Would recommend.

Fun game

Would pay twice the amount for this game

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