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Not bad

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Fun and balanced, rpg with a little grind but not too much

Darkest Dungeon for Mobile?!

Yeah. If you have Darkest Dungeon on the PC or Nintendo Switch, then don’t bother buying this game. It’s the same exact game. If it wasn’t for that, I would give it a higher score.

Fun idle rpg with a little story

It’s challenging but peppered with enough rewards to make every 5 to 15 minutes of playtime worthwhile. A dark and kind of cool story is slowly revealed through notes and logs found in the dungeons.

so so

so so

Good game

No action from game masters about in game purchases problem

Great game

Total darkest dungeon clone but still a blast


Gg but, i cant purchase in game gems “could not be completed”

So far so good... but

I like the game so far but there are a couple things that I think should be added for example when you use your heal ability on priest or paladin you can’t choose who to heal which can be pretty vital at times and there are couple other things that don’t matter as much so I won’t complain about it and make this review way to long but yeah good game so far.(:

Nice game

It’s best game


A masterpiece!

Great game

Game reminds me of darkest dungeon

A great mobile clone of DD.

If DD was on iPhone there would be no need for this game but it’s not so to get your DD fix this will do just fine.

Great game

Love it !

Darkest dungeon but a bit less

May lack some of DD harshness and quality but it by no means make the game poor. It’s definitely still one of the only of it’s kind and and it does it really really well.

Awesome game

Love the similarities and kinda better execution.



Excellent game

Though there is no narration, like on Darkest Dungeon, the game is really fun. Definitely an enjoyable game, worth getting.

I love it

Easy to get started, pretty good replay value and deep game mechanics

Worth 99 cents

As others have said, if you like DD, you like this game. More classes and healing, so far, seems worth it more than DD. So if you like Darkest Dungeon - worth it. If you didn’t .. you won’t. If you never played Darkest Dungeons totally worth the try.

It’s fun so far

I am having fun so far I will update my review based on what I feel after I played enough to give a judgement.

Great game

Really fun. Worth at least giving the game a try


good game

Two thumbs up

Best 99 cents I've ever spent. Keep up the good work.I hope you Don't Stop and you guys keep adding more content.

Shahs ha








Wish it were more of a knock off

This game is indeed darkest dungeon light. But too late and with a different structure. I do like the great auto save that leaves you right where you left off but it got boring fast.

A faithful port of Darkest Dungeon

This is a well done ios version of Darkest Dungeon. The problem I have is that its possible to get stuck in an impossible situation. Recruiting costs money, unlike in DD. So, if you don't have enough people and don’t have enough money, you can’t enter the dungeons to make money. So... is it game over? If theres a way out of this I don’t know what it is.

Pretty fun

So far it’s what I was looking for. I stumbled across it looking for Darkest Dungeon and found a similar game for $.99. You can buy items but so far it seems doable without that.


The game is worth the play





It's a fun game.

Gimme the chest

Thus far so good

So far so good. Would recommend.

Fun game

Would pay twice the amount for this game

Deepest what?

Ok so they borrowed the art style. But for all its worth, Deepest Dungeon is ipad only for some reason. Not only that thia game took out most of the annoying aspects of deepest dungeon. Making it easier to understand. The dungeon navigation the heroes, and tame some of the annoying traits of DD. Some may say that, those annoyances are what makes Deepest Dungeon great but for me naah... i want to enjoy my daily breaks without frustration. If you enjoy the challenge and having to devote longer amount of time then go ahead buy DD the original. Thats why ita ipad only i suppose. But for the rest of the people, till they make a “Deepest Dungeon Lite Mobile” this is the only thing close to the original.

Needs iPhone X Support

So much wasted space on my screen!

Not bad

But can improve more.

So far, so fun!

I’ve only been playing for a couple of adventures, but so far this game has not disappointed. The fights are challenging, the rewards are great, and the graphics are dark and moody. Too early to give this 5 stars, but I’ll update my rating when I find out how necessary the in-game purchase offers are. A quibble or two: I noticed a lot of typos in the Lord’s Letters (especially the 2nd one), and that was distracting. Also, there should be a way for priests and paladins to heal characters outside of battle, but I can’t find it. Is that intentional? I’ve never played Darkest Dungeon so I can’t compare, but from what I’ve seen so far I’d highly recommend this game to anyone looking for an enjoyable dungeon-delving experience.


Likely will never own an iPad so I couldn’t access DD but this is exactly what I’ve been lookin for on mobile. Please DONT ABANDON this game. A full fledged in depth RPG for .99 is still hard to believe. It offers a real challenge as well! I’d be very grateful for even more content, fore this is a real gem.

Darkest Dungeon lite

Great game. Hard. Mostly honest, and not purely a cash-grab, but does push some “pay-2-win” on you. I’d highly recommend this if you were a fan of DD, not quite the level of polish, story is nowhere as deep, and really miss the Ancestors voice-over, but it’s totally worth $0.99.

Buy this game!

This is a sibling of Darkest Dungeon, but to me done better. I've played many hours of Darkest Dungeon on PC and enjoyed it, but was leery of buying it for my IPad based on interface issues I've read about. Interface for this game works well. Game itself is very fun and challenging like DD. Feels a bit more enjoyable actually. I've had to bury many of my characters and move on, but there a few I've enjoyed keeping alive and fighting. Need to grind levels a bit to move forward, but progress is possible and rewarding. I recommend this game as a definite buy and a great value. Try it for yourself.

good game but...

missing tutorial


2 play


Worth it


it is well made. i'm enjoying this game

Crashes on iPhone X. Won’t launch.

Works great on my iPad but will not launch or work on iPhone X. Update: even with the new update released today I still have the same issue.

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